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Raveen Valley

Your surroundings change from leafy forest to dark, charred, dead logs and trees. This surprises you, so much in fact, you stop walking.
"What do YOU want?" a growl commands from behind you. You turn, seeing a black Kat directly behind you.
"Well, WHAT?" He glares at you with oldly-colored eyes. His flame-tipped tail whips the air, setting a dry branch on fire. The Kat doesn't seem to notice.

You really don't know what to answer with so you remain silent.
"Fine. Get out of my territory if you aren't going to answer a simple question." The Kat flicks his flame-tail at your leg, causing you to jump away.
"Can I just ask your name then?" you yelp, moving back. The Kat glares.
"I am Xuuniss...a fire/water/earth/air/magic mix. Now GO!"

He suddenly charges at you, causing you to run off down the path, trying to keep away from the crazy kat.

The Battle Prides

The Raveen Kats are (c) to GryphonIce and the background is (c) to me. Nothing on this site is free clipart.