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Raveen Valley

You run from the smokey, dead forest and nearly trip over a large, flat rock that sits in the middle of the path. "Watch it!" a voice screams, a blue and black blur bolting from on top of the rock.
You catch yourself and start apologizing profusely to the young adult that sits and glares at you.

His expression softens a little.
"Alright...just watch what you're doing next time." He curls his blue-bolt tipped tail and cocks his head.
"I'm Ishkuur, a Lightning type. Lightning is a rare type." He grins some, puffing out his chest. "There are only two of us, my sister Rani and I."

You grin and look the adult over, watching his eartip bolts dance in the breeze.
"You met my mom yet?" the Kat inquires. "Her name is Teidra."
The name does ring a bell...she was the first one you met on your travels. You nod.

While you are conversing with this kat, a lovely white female with soft pink eyes and blue streaks in her mane pads up, greeting Ishkuur silently with an affectionate nuzzle under the chin. Ishkuur purrs in response, his bad mood fading with the appearance of this Raveeness.

"Greetings traveler," she says, her tone smooth and soft like a breeze. "Forgive me for not appearing sooner. I am Azora." The Raveeness bows her head in greeting and while doing so, the bit of mane that falls over her eyes uncovers a third eye, one that doesn't blink. You o_o; and attempt to cover your surprise. The Raveeness notices however, and gives you an indugent smile.
"It's okay. I'm used to it. When I live in..." she starts to say, but drops off, shifting uneasily before continuing with "Well, that's not really important. I can't keep you here all day to tell you my life story."
You nod, giving the quiet Raveeness a encouraging smile. "Good travels to you," Iskuur says as you make your move to leave. Azora nods in agreement before settling down with Ishkuur, placing her head on his back. The pair look to be falling asleep now.
You are left to keep walking.

The Battle Prides

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