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Name: Xuuniss
Gender: Male
Type: Fire/Water/Air/Earth/Magic
Parentage: Unknown
Mate: None
Pride: None
Dimension: Inner
Diety: Orcle

Notes: He has a twin brother who has the same kind of purple flame markings. You can tell by the scars on his coat that he is NOT a nice Kat. His tail flame burns anything it touches. His eyes are odd, they're blue with a grey backing. He can soul-read. He's immune to instant kill abilities.

Teleport: Basic ability to teleport.
All Earth Abilities (excluding Weed)
All Fire Abilities
Tornado Clash: Summons fire massive tornados. When un-summoned the user of this ability will feel light headed and won't be able to concentrate.
Once he has learned all elemental abilities, he will learn the Magic abilities, then he will gain unique abilities. Because of this, he is quite powerful.

The Battle Prides

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