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Raveen Valley

You feel pretty good now, having met a Kat was was cheerful and polite instead of the past few ones. This doesn't last long, however, as you are soon cut off from the path you are traveling on by a rather angry Phantom female and a black magic mimic.
"You tread on Battle Master grounds, scum," she snarls, lashing her tail.

You hold your ground, attempting to look unafraid. This action only angers the female more.
"SO. You have no respect for those of high ranking do you? Do you know what I do to unrespectful travelers?"
You shake your head. She snorts at you, which aggitates the mimic that is at her side.
"I shall give you a taste of what I do then, since you refuse to leave," she snarls, advancing on you. You turn and try to run back in the direction you came from, but you hear the words "Emotional Shutdown" ring in your mind. You are instantly on the ground, head throbbing with hate, pain, fear, happiness, jealousy...ever emotion known to man. You black out quickly. When you awake, the kat is gone...and the sky is darker than it was earlier. You've been out for at least an hour or two. Slightly disoriented, you struggle to your feetand stagger on.

The Battle Prides

The Raveen Kats are (c) to GryphonIce and the background is (c) to me. Nothing on this site is free clipart.