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Raveen Valley

The throbbing in your head becomes too much for you to take. You reach out for the nearest fallen log and sit down, rocking back and forth gently as you will your head to stop throbbing.
As the headache eases slightly, you look up and see a white and gold form pass by a group of trees, unaware of your presence....or is it really?

You poor look like you've been laying on the ground for hours, the Kat comments as she approaches you. You groan a little and nod. The kat circles you once or twice, tisk-tisking you under her breath.
Well, I daresay you've lucky to be were stuck in the territory of an Outer, weren't you?
You shrug and sit up a little straighter, feeling better now since you had the chance to sit.
You seem to be coming back around alright, otherwise I'd intervene. I'm a Heaven after all. You may call me Satili. You give the proper introduction back. She smiles gently at you.
You can rest here as long as you like. Just don't damage anything. I must be off.
The Heaven give a brief farewell and then pads off. You remain on your log for a few more momentsbefore getting up and moving on.

The Battle Prides

The Raveen Kats are (c) to GryphonIce and the background is (c) to me. Nothing on this site is free clipart.