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Name: Mijushi
Gender: Female
Type: Phantom
Parentage: Wild
Mate: None
Pride: None
Dimension: Outer
Diety: GryphonIce

Notes: She can Mage-read, and if wounded she heals instantly, the instant-heal always regenerates lost limbs/organs. Her eyes are highly reflective, and her mask shows the emotion 'Rage'. The markings on her shoulder read 'Rage Is Stronger' and the markings on her hip reads 'Rage Is Invincible'. Her mask holds the same marking on it that is on her shoulder.

The reason her mask is brown is because it's made from the bones of a Frost Beast, and not a Shadow Beast. Frost Beasts are much harder to kill then Shadow Beasts, and only live beyond the Ocean of Flames. She is a former Battle Master. She still knows how to teach a Kat new abilities, but since she's 'retired' she won't teach any Kat. When she was a Battle Master she actually kind of hated it, because she was constantly followed by what she calls 'halfbreeds'(Mixes). She never liked halfbreeds, and probably never will as she sees them as freaks of nature. Her gold earrings with the round blue gem protect her from instant kill abilities, and show her rank as 'Battle Master'.

In the Tournament of Ages, which is a tournament which only Battle Masters can enter, took place a year ago she lost to the prime Battle Master, Maraki. She didn't take the loss very well at all, and actually tried to claw her one non-mask covered eye out, thus why she has scars there(she can't heal self-inflicted wounds). She became bitter and didn't train anyone, soon she lost her rank of current Battle Master, and became a 'retired' one. In the future she can return to being a current Battle Master, but she will have to win at least two rounds in the Tournament of Ages to do so.

*Emotional Shutdown: The target's mind is overrun by every last emotion. When all the emotions 'fade' the target is rendered brain dead for two hours.
Crawling Phantom: Ability to send a wave of fire, ice, rocks, tornadoes, energy, and black destruction at the target. Once the target is hit by at least one of these waves it's mind is under the user's control.
Emotion's End: Instantly kills the target.

Immunities: She is immune to all Outer Dimensional non-ultimate Abilities.

She can use her abilities endlessly.

The Battle Prides

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