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Samanayr Hotsprings

As you come to the structure, you can see over it rather easily, yet it's a good divider for the sams. You step around it quietly and kneel beside Firetiger, waiting.
All motion in the hotspring has been halted, over a half dozen sams and lams peering suspiciously at you. A group of four that look very much related all -_- at you, their hooves making sharp clicks and such as they drag themselves out of the hotsprings. The two mares with all the spikes and horns come over to you first, sniff you once, then snort.
Chainedresentment~Chill, Male, Talons x SheenDistantever~Dasher, Female, Talons x SheenAmethystfury~Talons, Female, WildMidnightmoon~Sheen, Male, Wild
"I thought we made it cleayr we did not want any visitoyrs heyre Fiyretigeyr," the older mare says. "Theyre weyre no exceptions to this y'rule."
Firetiger sighs. "We've been oveyr this. It is y'requiyred to allow passage to all teyryritoyries heyre in the y'realm. I pyromise they will not be heyre long."
The four samanayrs glower at you but return to their bath, completely ignoring you and Firetiger now. The brief arguement has caught the attention of two more sams, both with a rather strange mane-do. They both seem more open to you than the previous four.
Dancingforest~Flames, Male, WildShatteredcoast~Shadow, Female, Flames x Flutter
"This is Dancingfoyrest~Flames and his daughter Shatteyredcoast~Shadow."
Both incline their heads politely towards you before returning to their conversation. "They'yre not too payrticulayr about who visits the hotspyrings. Neitheyr ayre the y'rest of the sams and lams that came fyrom theiyr old y'realm."
Another group of sams and lams can be seen further away, busy in a lively water fight. Firetiger snorts, grinning somewhat. "Those ayre the moyre social mayres fyrom this batch. The golden lam with the paws is Distantmagma~Roar, the blue lam is Deepeningtwilight~Flutter, the green and grey sam is Jaggedriver~Marking, and the blue-grey mare is Flowinggranite~Mane."
Distantmagma~Roar, Female, WildDeepeningtwilight~Flutter, Female, WildJaggedriver~Marking, Female, WildFlowinggranite~Mane, Female
These mares squeal and splash, diving beneath the steaming waters of the hotsprings before erupting from the depths and dragging whichever mare is closest down with them. They make quite an uproar. Further away in the shallows, a trio of more docile sams lay, conversing quietly. One is a stallion, and quite an unusual one at that. His back-half is pure glass! The other two are older mares with regular features.
Walkingglass~Gleam, Male, WildTwilightshining~Spectrum, Female, WildMorningsnow~Fire, Female, Wild
"If you ayre y'ready, we can continue on. Theyre ayre moyre sams heyre, not membeyrs of the foyrmeyr y'realm that these ayre fyrom, but they have been inteyrgyrated heyre on this side of the mountain because of the layrgeyr ayrea. Come, let us visit them."

Firetiger leads you towards a smaller hotspring pool, calling out to the figures in the water.

Song of the Rainbow Hotsprings

The samanayrs/lamanayrs are (c) to Skysong and the background is (c) to me. Nothing on this site is free clipart.