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Samanayr Hotsprings

As you and Firetiger approach, a pair of fierce looking mares hop out of the water and flick their little bottlebrush tails.
"Gyreetings Fiyretigeyr. Visiting time I see?" the small red one says cheerily. "I'm Acidembeyr~Hiss and this is my sisteyr Jaggeddawn~Danceyr."
Acidember~Hiss, Female, Strider x SerpantsJaggeddawn~Dancer, Female, Strider x Serpants
The bigger mare grins slyly at you. "I'm suyrpyrised you got this fayr. Those sams and lams over theyre don't tend to like visitoyrs."
Firetiger snorts and scuffs a hoof. "Yeah, we've gotten the y'regulayr complaint."
You and the two mares chat for a bit before a white mare trots over with a small mystic foal. The foal O_O's and backs away from you a little, but not far enough to where he's away from the protection of the white mare. The white mare introduces herself as HolidaypinesLights."
Holidaypines~Lights, FemaleFoal of Mystic, Male
"We've just got a gyroup of sams in fyrom the home y'realm, if you'd like to see 'em," Holidaypines~Lights says, motioning to a group that's gather just a little ways away. You can see a fuzzy white and blue mare sitting on the edge of the hotsprings, keeping away from the water while staying with the group. Beside her is a tiny samanayr with red and black coloration. You point the pair out to Holidaypines~Lights.
Drivingice~Flash, FemaleBleedingheart~Droplet, Female
"Ah. The fuzzy mayre is a Noyrtheyrn, the fiyrst of heyr type to come to these Hotspyrings. The mayre beside heyr, howeveyr, is a y'regulayr...only she's of small statuyre like Deepening and Pebble. The Noyrtheyrn mayre is Dyrivingice~Flash and heyr companion is Bleedingheayrt~Dyroplet."
A sudden uproar issues from the water, where a pair of Sams are standing face to face, heads low, ears pricked agressively. The darker colored sam, a Mystic, snorts and snaps his jaws shut. The other sam, a Misery, snorts back and advances slightly. The tension over the Hotsprings is evident and the other remaining sams begin to move away.
RainforestGrowth~Mystic (Male), Freezingice~Misery
"Knock it off," Acidember says suddenly, charging forward and throwing herself between the two fighting Sams. The two sams glare daggers at the mare but separate, the Misery heading off towards the deeper waters of the pool and the Mystic to the shore. The Mystic flops down beside a sandy-colored sam and strikes up a conversation, periodically glaring over at the Misery, which is floating in the deepest part of the Hotsprings.

Song of the Rainbow Hotsprings

The samanayrs/lamanayrs are (c) to Skysong and the background is (c) to me. Nothing on this site is free clipart.