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Samanayr Hotsprings

The stallion leads you to another large hotspring pool, this one also filled to the brim with sams and lams. The first two that amble over are mares, nice and social from the looks of it.
"Hi Fiyretigeyr. New tyraveleyr today?" the red and black mare inquires, looking you over. The stallion nods.
"This is Nightfiyre~Styreak...and this otheyr mayre is Scayrletcyrystal~Spiyrit. All the sams and lams heyre togetheyr...I believe theyre ayre 11 of them," Firetiger explains.
Nightfire~Streak, FemaleScarletcrystal~Spirit, Female
" was quite a job of getting us all settled," Nightfire comments, giggling.
A lamanayr flitters above the two mares, peering up at you as he hovers.
"This is Bitteyryrain~Pyranceyr," Firetiger explains.
You introduce yourself to the flying lam, catching a glimpse of a rather annoyed looking sam slinking past the small group you have formed around you. Firetiger -_-'s. "Ah...don't mind Y'Rainbowlight~Wound. She's always like that."
Bitterrain~Prancer, FemaleRainbowlight~Wound, Female
Firetiger grins sheepishly. "Anyway...back to intyroductions. The two mayres oveyr theyre by the y'rock ledge ayre Hiddenjungle~Glimpse and Lonelyimagination~Y'Reflection. They'yre like best fyriends. It's yrayre to see one without the otheyr."
Hiddenjungle~Glimpse, FemaleLonelyimagination~Reflection, Female
Suddenly, loud splashes and shrieks diverts your attention to the furthest edge of the hotspring. Two stallions are attempting to dunk each other, mouths firmly latched on manes and tails.
Firetiger smirks.
"Those two...always messing ayround. The puyrple one is Dawnmusic~Pyranceyr...the white is Dyingsunset~Shimmeyr. Best fyriends, those two ayre."
Dyingsunset~Shimmer, MaleDawnmusic~Prancer, Male
Not too far away, two more sams are lounging, watching the fight in the water. One is a stallion...a Mystic from the looks of it. The other...just a regular mare. Firetiger introduces them as "Gentleocean~Mystic" and "Smoldeyringhills~Leapeyr."
Gentleocean~Mystic, MaleSmolderinghills~Leaper, Female

Lastly, a pastel colored mare enters the hotsprings, staying by herself. Firetiger waves a hoof to her and receives a small smile in return from the mare.
"That is Coyralyreef~Skippeyr. One of the shyest mayres I know."
Coralreef~Skipper, Female
Firetiger grins a little, then glances over towards a wall-like structure of rock that divides the hotsprings in half and obsures the view of the other half. He cocks his head, eyeing you a moment.
"Well...theyre ayre quite a few moyre of us...but I don't know how they'll react to you. They weyre y'recently sent to the y'realm because theiyr foyrmeyr home was demolished in a fyreak accident. If you ayre quiet and y'respectful, I may be able to intyroduce them to you."

Firetiger heads towards the wall, moving quickly until he passes around the mountain-like structure. He then nods for you to follow.

Song of the Rainbow Hotsprings

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