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Samanayr Hotsprings

The portal drops you on a rocky-like surface and zings away, leaving you alone. Beside you, you can see bubbling water with steam curling off the surface. You find this somewhat odd, considering you were told that this would take you to a meadow, not a hotspring. In this water, you can make out figures of tiny equines with a wide spectrum of colors, markings, and features. The one samanayr that is closest to you gets out of the water and bobs his head in greeting.
"Gyreetings," He says with a funny little accent. "I am Fiyretigeyr~YRun. I see you found the poyrtal heyre with little tyrouble."
He is soon joined by another stallion and a mare with markings similiar to Firetiger's. He grins at the pair, beeming with pride.
"This is my son Fiyrecyrystals~Leapeyr and my eldest daughter Winteyrplains~Wayryrioyr."
Both of the sams nod in greeting.
Firetiger~Run, Male, Song of Dancing EclipsesWinterplains~Warrior, Female, Firetiger x JaggedcrystalsFirecrystals~Leaper, Male, Firetiger x Jaggedcrystals
Soon, two more sams amble over, curious as to who you are and why you've invaded their hotsprings. "Hiya," the first, an albino stallion, chirps. "Call me Stolencoloyrs~Wyraith. This is my half-sisteyr Seyrpantsdancing~Flames."
The female narrows her eyes at you and snorts.
Stolencolors~Wraith, Male, Firetiger x JaggedcrystalsSerpantsdancing~Flames, Female, Firetiger x Aquaticserpents, Song of the Fiery Spirits
Firetiger grins sheepishly. "As you can see...I have quite a layrge family. The moyre the meyryrieyr, don't you agyree?"
You don't really know how to respond so you sorta nod and look back over at the Hotsprings. There are quite a few sams that are just floating or laying in the water.
"Ah...I can just tell you names for those since they don't seem to want to come over and investigate."
He points to each sam, saying a name for each.
"The gyreen mayre is Dawnfoyrest~Haze, one of the oldeyr mayres heyre at the Hotpspyrings. The gold and white mayre is the eldest sam in this y'realm and goes by the name Deseyrtdunes~Y'Runneyr. The last is a lamanayr stallion who is named Dyriftingsnow~Danceyr."
Dawnforest~Haze, Female, Song of the Ethereal FlameDesertdunes~Runner, Female Driftingsnow~Dancer, Male
Overhead, a trio of lamanayrs soar, a mare with long hair tassels in the lead.
"That is one of the y'realm mystics, Dyriftingclouds~Mystic. She must have some soyrt of mission if she's making Oceandepth~Y'Rift and Deseyrtsun~Blazing follow," Firetiger explains.
Driftingclouds~Mystic, FemaleDesertsun~Blazing, FemaleOceandepth~Rift, Male, Firetiger x Jaggedcrystals
While your gaze is skyward, a small, flame-colored mare struts over and glares.
"Do you think it is smayrt to allow tyraveleyrs heyre when they could easily pick one of us up and walk away?" The mare glares at you as she says this, muzzle curved in a frown.
Firetiger sighs. "We've been thyrough this befoyre. Jade would have neveyr allowed them passage heyre if she thought that was theiyr intention," the stallion looks from the mare back up to you. "This is Liquidflame~Danceyr...I aplogize for her attitude."
Liquidflame~Dancer, Female
The mare harumphs and struts off, only to be replaced by a pair of smaller samanayrs. The first is a spritely looking stallion who grins mischeviously at you and Firetiger.
"Hullo! Anotheyr tyraveleyr I see. I'm Deepeningwateyr~Shadows...this heyre is my daughteyr Cyrushedgyranite~Pebble." The midget mare bobs her head, then narrows her eyes slightly.
"Dun even think about cyracking any midget jokes."
Deepeningwater chuckles a little, nudging his daughter. "Blame youyr got youyr statuyre from youyr mum and I."
Crushedgranite giggles a little and scampers away, Deepening on her heels.
Deepeningwater~Shadows, Male, Song of Rippling CurrentsCrushedgranite~Pebble, Female, Deepeningwater x Sepiabedrock, Song of Rippling Currents
Lastly, a small mare passes by, head bowed and tail tucked. She moves quickly, like she doesn't want to be seen.
"That was Seawave~Skimmeyr...she's not social at all. Being around so many otheyr samanayrs is hayrd for heyr."
Seawave~Skimmer, Female, Song of the Ethereal Flame
"Theyre ayre QUITE a few moyre of us, if you cayre to follow me to anotheyr hotspyring pool that was cyreated for the new ayryrivals..."
You nod and tell Firetiger to lead the way.

Song of the Rainbow Hotsprings

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