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Crystal Meadows

You're completely alone in the strange clearing now, at least, you thought you were alone. There's movement to your left.
A small stallion with sturdy build has noticed the coming and going of Dayfili and has come to investigate.
Y^i'Shire (Dark Lace), Male, wild
"Ah, so there IS a traveler here. I thought I saw Dayfili'Quis leading something here. I'm Y'i'Shire, Are you in need of any assistance?"
You nod and explain that you're looking for a way out of here. The stallion looks thoughtful for a moment, then nods.
"Sure. Go back where you came from. You should see a faint path. It'll lead you back."
You nod and thank him, then set off in the direction he told you. Your a bit more optimistic now.
As you go, you happen to spy a stallion, this one leopard in appearance, grazing beneath a crooked apple tree. He seems to be in a rather sour mood by the looks of it, because he keeps mutter and stomping a hoof between bites.
Maytrill (Heartsoul), Male, P x Q
You start to approach him, but the stallion suddenly snorts loudly and brings his head up, smelling you on the soft breeze that blows. His eyes narrow some but he says nothing.
"Be easy Maytrill. It's just a visitor," another voice says, this one masculine. You can't see the source of the voice until you step a little more forward. A stallion with a set of wings that rival Myari approaches the spotted stallion and gives him a friendly bump with his muzzle. "See? No threat there," he says, turning to face you. He looks quite friendly.
Dawz'Chian (Morning's Sky), Male, 005 x 050
"I apologize for Maytrill's behavior. He's not what you'd call a social unicorn. I am Dawz'Chian. You may have met my parents already...?" You nod in response. The stallion grins and bobs his head. "Wonderful. I hope your traveling has been well so far. Keep moving, there are more."


The Crystal Unicorns are (c) to Lexington and the background is (c) to me. Nothing on ths site is free clipart.