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Crystal Meadows

You continue your neverending journey through the Crystal territories for quite a bit, enjoying the scenery, before you come across a purple hued mare lounging in the grass. She glares up at you and snorts, tossing her head.
Kelly'Manli (Lilac Perfume), Female, 080 x 108
"So, you think you can tramp through my meadows without even asking, hmm? Well, just because I'm a mare doesn't mean I'm going to take it," she says, getting to her feet, eyes glinting dangerously. "I mean it. Get lost! Everything was perfect until you got here. Don't make me go and get Myari's son. He'll tear you to pieces."
You're pretty startled, assuming that this mare wouldn't be so...mean.
She snorts again and thumps the ground with a hoof.
"Hey, I was NOT joking. Get LOST."
"Now Kelly'Manli. Take it easy!" a masculine voice comments from nearby. A white stallion with ice-blue spots and mane streaks nudges his way through some standing brush before nodding briefly to you. "You know Jade wouldn't let anyone through who was a threat."
 Fali'Apach (Winter Chill), Male, Commission
The mare snorts again. "I don't care. Tell it to leave," she says hotly, her eyes rolling.
You back off a little, but run into something solid, yet warm and furry.


The Crystal Unicorns are (c) to Lexington and the background is (c) to me. Nothing on ths site is free clipart.