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Crystal Meadows

The two stallions lead you to a group of three mares, all of them watching your approach with mixed reactions. The first, a chubby brown and white paint mare, smiles and bobs her head, greeting you warmly. She is introduced as Lat'tu. Lat'tu (Keepsake), Female, wild
Yixen nuzzles Lat'tu warmly, then settles in the grass beside her, looking at the other two mares. A black and white paint mare, this one a tad more lithe than the first, eyes you warily, whinnying softly before laying her head on Yixen's back. She is introduced as Duinza.
Duinza (Temptation), Female, wild
Dayfili has moved off to stand beside the final mare, this one a rather leggy yet powerful looking beast. She glares at you, nostrals flaring as she exhales loudly and stomps a hoof.
Mysesiali'tri'kalla'Epon (Songs of the Sea), Female, wild
"Don't let them stay long Dayfili, it is not a good idea to let strangers know of our home. They'll surely steal one of the foals."
Dayfili nuzzles the mare, nodding. "Very well Mysesiali'tri'kalla'Epon. Come traveler, you must go."
Dayfili leads you away from the mares, taking you into the forest, and to a new clearing. He gives you a curt nod, then trots away, leaving you behind.


The Crystal Unicorns are (c) to Lexington and the background is (c) to me. Nothing on ths site is free clipart.