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Raveen Valley

After you get over your intial shock of such a response from the Christmas cub, you start moving again, this time for quite a span of time. You soon reach a clearing but the only thing you see is a whirling portal. It seems to beckon you to come closer, which you do. As you look in the portal, it stops whirling in the middle and forms a glass-like structure. Through it, you can see Teidra and cub. Intrigued, you reach out to touch the glass, but find yourself sucked in.
You land hard on your bum in front of Teidra and the cub, which startles the cubs so much, it flares it wings and bolts go flying everywhere. o.x Luckily, Teidra ducked in time so she wasn't injured. You, on the other hand, are thrown back as one hits you and explodes.
Teidra gets to her paws and rushes over to you, snuffling you all over, and inspecting the burnt clothing of which you now wear. She relaxes, when she sees you aren't injured.
"The portal must have left a temporary safeguard on you or something. You were almost knocked into pieces," she says, now grinning at you. The cub has folded her wings now but hasn't moved. Instead, she eyes you suspiciously and flicks her tail.
"Ammit, it's alright. Just a traveler. Come here," Teidra says encouragingly before returning her gaze to you. "That's my other daughter. Her name is Ammit, Devourer of the Dead is the meaning. Appropriate if you consider the fact that she's a Child of Orcle." Teidra beems proudly, then looks back to see her daughter's approach.
The cub moves slowly, setting her paws down carefully, and lighting up large flurries of blue sparks beneath her feet.
"Hello," she says, her tone strong yet cubbish. "Sorry about the bolts...I can't control 'em yet." This fact embarrasses the cub slightly, making her duck her head. Teidra smiles.
"She'll control it better when she grows but for now, we all get to improve our reflexes."
You chat with the two for a bit longer before Ammit yawns sleepily and curls up on the ground. You take this as your cue to move on, so you get back into the portal that led you here. Once back on the path, you move on.

The Battle Prides

The Raveen Kats are (c) to GryphonIce and the background is (c) to me. Nothing on this site is free clipart.