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Name: Ammit (Devourer of the Wicked (Egyptian))
Gender: Female
Type: Storm (Child of Orcle)
Parentage: Soranduu x Teidra
Mate: None
Birth Pride: Coming Storm
Dimension: Inner
Diety: Orcle

Notes: She can soul-read. Now if you've looked at her picture already you're probably suspecting her wings are her elmental mutation - you're wrong, her wings are normal for her type. All Storm Kats have wings which are made up of blue electricity and yellow lightning bolts. These bolts will shoot out of her wings every time she flares her wings, every flap of her wing will send these bolts flying. Once a lightning bolt has been sent flying it will explode on contact with it's target, it will not electrocute the target - just explode. The bolt is replaced instantly. The explosive effect of these bolts will only cause damage to living things right now. They'll just kind of vanish upon hitting something non-living. Now her elemental mutation? Her paws are always surrounded by blue electricity, with every step this electricity crackles.

Due to her electrical wings and charged paws she can't touch water, it's a major weakness all Storm Kats have, just hers is even more major since her paws are charged and not just her wings. If her paws or wings come in to contact with water she will not only electrocute everyone around her, but she will also electrocute herself in to unconciousness. If she bites anyone they'll receive a nice shock.

She is not a Keeper of the Storm element, there a few other Storm Kats out there - but she is the first Storm Child of the Orcle.
You'll notice that she does not have lightning bolts in her wings, this isbecause with control over that power they only appear when she uses them now. She is also highly Electrokinetic now, meaning she can create/control electricity using her mind.

Artifact information
Artifact: Draca's Will
Type: Bracelet
Engravings: Lightning bolt symbol with a serpent dragon coiled around it on the front; writing around the sides and back, written in Zerria'rachen; reads "Thy will saves me from thee, Suffer in the dark where light shadoweths me, No weapon equal to thy strength, Suffer in the light where dark enlightens me, Claim my will and save thyself, Suffer in the twillight where none survives, Guardians of the will shadow me."

Power; Basic: Allows wearer to have complete control over all powers it has, and will have; can gain powers through the use of this item; wearer can see the glow from any of the ancient artifacts now. Warnings: Shadows of fallen spirits may haunt the wearer's dreams; spirit of the storms may gain access to natural world; wearer might become power hungry like Draca, may even grow an undying thirst to gain more power through possessing more artifacts. More severe backlash may occur when wearer reaches adulthood.

And Ammit can now read the language 'Zerria'rachen', which is a very ancient language, only used for spells and incantations. Zerria'rachen is just the base language, but because of this she can also read Zerria'rachen'de, Zerria'rachen'raii, Zerria'rachen'vey, with 'de being the demonic incantation language, 'raii the Raveen or mortal, and 'vey the god incantation.

Her Ability; Hailing Storm: The sky explodes with blue electricity only seconds before the sky seemingly falls upon any targets, instantly paralyzing them and causing much physical damage to their organs. Targets will be paralyzed for 2hrs, once unparalyzed they will have to seek healing for their organs will be burnt.

Immunites: Water and Air

The Battle Prides

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