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Raveen Valley

You keep moving, the surrounding forest changing only slightly in that the trees are smaller and further apart. You walk for quite awhile, seeing nothing of interest. After several minutes of walking, you sit down on a fallen log to rest your feet.
As you wait, you hear a rustling in the brush behind you. Before you can turn around, you are thrown forward onto your stomach, a large weight on your back.
"Damn. I thought you were something WORTH killing."

The weight is removed and you roll over so you can sit up. Just feet away, a Raveeness sits, glaring at you.
"I keep hoping I've been brought back to the Warrior Faction....that I am home. Yet again, I see I'm still stuck in THIS blasted realm," the Kat mutters, extending and retracting her claws.
You o.O in confusion, having no idea what the Kat is talking about. You find the female to be quite mad.
"I am NOT mad. I do not belong here. Niuuyasha must be wondering where I am." She starts to go off on a tirade so you decide to scoot away while she's distracted.

You run away, leaving the Kat behind.

The Battle Prides

The Raveen Kats are (c) to GryphonIce and the background is (c) to me. Nothing on this site is free clipart.