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Name: Asikari
Gender: Female
Type: Sand/Rain/Magic
Parentage: Patrini x Tsumeatuu
Mate: None
Pride: None
Dimension: Inner
Diety: Orcle

Notes: She can mindspeak and read the minds of any Kats which don't have mindblocks or a more powerful telepathy ability. She has a thin build, and rather odd eyes, which are not a mutation they're actually brought forth by a rare gene which one of her parents has. She has a few scars on her body, but nothing major. The only marking color she has is white, so it's impossible for one to tell that she's part Magic, really.

Her three necklaces were all given to her by different Kats. The blue one was given to her by her mother's birth pride when she was a young cub. The gold one she received from a wandering Kat in the other time frame, whose name was Kashkuu, it holds the power of ressurrection, so when she's killed she'll just be ressurrected instantly by that necklace. Now the silver necklace with the claws and feather was given to her by a Kat named Niuuyasha, it actually shows what rank she held in the other time frame.. Warrior. It also protects her from paralyzing abilities.

Now her bracelet is just decorative, and holds no power. She found it in a desert and decided to keep it.

History: After being sucked in to a blackhole she was very confused, but luckily she wasn't the only cub pulled in to that time frame, so she wasn't alone. When she was found by a wandering pride they provided a home for her, and a Kat named Rerez took care of her. (Rerez was a Mix Kat, no one knows which elements she was a mix of though. Her coloring was mostly white with a few silvery faded markings - which actually blended in to her fur.)

When she was old enough, she was taught how to hunt, and during her first solo hunt she encounter what her Pride feared greatly, a demon. It was a young demon, but still twice her size and much stronger. Abandoning her kill she tried to flee, but the demon took chase and was upon her within seconds. She could feel it's power and realised she stood no chance against the demon, this is actually when she finally found out about her teleport ability. She used teleport to escape with her life.

After that she refused to go hunting on her own. Seeing the fear she had another teen, Kashkuu, approached her and gave her the ressurrecting necklace. One could say she become over confident after this, and during a Pride hunt she actually ran off on her own in seek of a fight. She found none, but when she went back to where her pride was hunting she was welcomed by a bloddy sight. Three Kats lied dead, one was the cub Kashkuu, another an older Death Kat, and the last ..Rerez. She considered Rerez her mother, and didn't take her death well at all. For the first month she was sad, but then she became bloodthirsty for revenge.

A Kat which was part of her 'birth pride' who was a trained demon killer, by the name of Reroshuu was the only male who she really looked up to. He was strong and fearless, and treated her like she was his daughter. He wasn't killed, he actually died of natural causes before Rerez's murder. He died when she was in her early teens.

She did get her revenge, but didn't stop there. Upon reaching adulthood her death toll had come up to five adult demons, three young demons, and one black dragon. When she found her way in to safe lands she came upon what was known as the 'Warrior Faction', which was basically made up of around twenty Kats that hunting demons and protected weak prides. She was more then happy to join them and within a week she was given the silver necklace by Niuuyasha, another Kat who had been pulled in to that time frame, but she isn't aware of this.

She travelled with this Faction until today, when she was pulled back in to the current time frame.

Now none of the Kats which exist now existed in that time frame. That time frame actually took place centuries in the future, and demons ruled that time frame. Only about 200 Kats lived in that time frame, and all the other Dimensions didn't exist.

Teleport: Basic ability to teleport.

Sand of the Rain's Magic: A storm of sand, magic and acid rain falls upon the target instantly paralysing or killing it, depending on the user's intent.

The Battle Prides

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