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Mini-half Meadows

The portal leaves you behind in the small meadow. You glance around...then notice something moving in the tall grass. You wait a moment, then slowly move forward, parting the grass as you go. You move a few yards before you see a small centaurish creature sleeping on a bed of grass. His delicate ears twitch slightly as he sleeps and the ribbons around his grey toned legs flutter with the breeze. His mane and tail are a bright blue color that contrasts with the pale skin of his face and chest. You reach out your hand to touch the mini-half but it opens one eye, then yelps. The mini-half scrambles to his feet, then narrows his eyes in annoyance.
Shunsi, male
The mini-half continues to glare at you. With a "harumph" sound, he turns and bounds into the grass. You are left alone to move along a small worn path you've found. You walk...and walk...and walk...
After nearly half an hour, you find yourself in a whole separate meadow, having moved through a small forest before coming out in a similiar meadow, but definately not the same one you were in. As you move along, you spot another mini-half. This one is female and definately not any nicer than the first. When she spots you, her face scrunches into a look of rage and she shouts something at you. You o.O;.

Vytou, female
The female is delicate yet not, in some strange way. She's really pretty, yet you don't quite focus on that right now since the female mini-half has now picked up some spear-looking weapon and is hurtling right at you.


The mini-half is (c) to Jaysen and the background is (c) to me. Nothing on this site is free clipart.