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Katatsumuri Meadows

No sooner than you feet hit the ground, a small white and blue creature with goldish wings zips by your head. Another, this one pink and white with a curled tail and ear tips, dashes by on foot.
Frost, Air, 032Aurora, Light, 007
The winged one turns on wing-tip and dives down at the other katatsumuri. You laugh at their antics.
Each has a small tag-type object on their wings. Slowly, you move and try to read them.
The pink one has the name "Aurora" while the other has a tag that reads "Frost". The two katatsumuri have disappeared into the grass so you decide to move on.

Katatsumuri Adoptions

The katatsumuri are (c) to Jaysen and the background is (c) to me. Nothing on this site is free clipart.