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Name: Zuluvashinoman
Gender: Female
Type: Innocence
Parentage: Wild
Mate: None
Pride: None
Dimension: Inner
Diety: Orcle

Notes: She can soul-read, and if wounded she heals instantly. Her halo floats above her head, but oddly is crooked. Innocences which have halos, have feathered wings. Her wings are made of good energy, and can be used to heal much like a Heaven's wings can be. If she plucks a feather and places it on a injured Kat, the Kat will heal instantly, but she cannot use this power on dead Kats or Kats with evil/ill intentions in their heart. They have to be 'good'. The red, black and blue feather is actually an amulet she received from Orcle.

Massriv Changling Info:
Balance: Good
Gender: Female
Power: Can shapeshift in to a Raveen Kat sized wolf like creature with extremely sharp fangs/claws, and dragonic wings. The Massriv can stay in the 'wolf-form' for as long as it wishes, but only when it's nighttime.
Notes: Massriv Changlings are sentient, and extremely intelligent. They can fly with their little wings, but not long distances as their wings tire quickly. They can Mage-read, and are immune to all Raveen Kat abilities. Massriv Changlings are 'little demons', but are not demon-like in personality.

*Inner Soul: Instantly calms the target's soul, rendering the target completely calm for an hour. During this time the target won't even be able to think about attacking. Also during this time the target's abilities will shut down, rendering them useless for 2hrs.
Flight's Innocence: Causes the target to be thrown miles away from the area, instantly.
Innocent's Reign: Causes the target to fall unconcious for as long as the user desires.

Amulet Info:
Type: Feather
Element: Weather Mage
Ability: Allows wearer to conjure up small storms which can last up to 1hr.

The Battle Prides

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