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Name: Shoruu
Gender: Male
Type: Weather/Spirit
Parentage: Unknown
Mate: Hyou
Pride: Endless Dreams
Dimension: Inner
Diety: Orcle

Notes: He doesn't bleed, if wounded he heals instantly. The two mimics with him have been bonded to him since cubhood. He used to wander the deserts of the Ice Plains but grew tired of wandering.

Phase: Basic ability to phase through objects
Soul Summon: Ability to call forth a storm of souls which will attack the target's spirit/soul and instantly remove it from the target's body. This will render the target "lifeless" for as long as the user wishes. While the soul is out of the target's body, it's energy will be drained so when it's soul is returned it will not be powerful enough to use any abilities.
Weathery Strike: A bolt of black lightning shoots from the sky and hits the target, instantly killing it. The catch is that the user will lose the use of one limb for 30 minutes.

The Battle Prides

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