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Raveen Valley

The path leads you to an even thinner area of the forest, a place where there are many fallen logs, bushes, and stumps. Welcoming the make-shift chairs, you sit down on the nearest stump to rest. Almost instantly, a blue blur flys from the brush and hits you square in the chest. You shriek and attempt to roll, ANYTHING to get it off.
"HEY! You're not supposed to try and throw me off!" a female voice scolds. It takes you a few minutes to realize that the blue thing is a raveeness. You calm down and the raveeness gets off your chest.
She mock-glares at you, flicking her tufted ears.

"Dad must have liked you if you got this far," the female chirps, now walking around the stump you sit on. "I'm Niou, a dream/weather/spirit mix. My mum and dad live in the two territories before this."

You suddenly remember the message that Shoruu wanted you to give his daughter. She nods, her eartips bobbing.
"Oh, okay. I'll wait for him here then. I bet he's bringing dinner," she says, licking her chops. The thought of blood and raw flesh makes your stomach turn. "That or he's just coming to visit Kas and I.
You blink. Who's Kas? She notices your expression and giggles, sitting back on her haunches.
"Didn't see Kasaiuu yet?. I thought he'd be wandering close to where the traveler path passes through."
"Actually, I was," a voice comments from nearby, which belongs to a yellowy-orange kat that appears to made entirely of fire. He passes you a wry smirk. "I saw just didn't see me. Too busy with your head in the clouds I guess."

The young male comes around and sits beside Niou, still smirking.
"Get use to it. As you move through the territories, you'll find that you won't see all of us right away," Kasaiuu says offhandly. "But you probably would like to go and find 'em, so I'll stop my chatter and let you move on.
He waves his paw back towards the path indicating you should move on.

The Battle Prides

The Raveen Kats are (c) to GryphonIce and the background is (c) to me. Nothing on this site is free clipart.