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Raveen Valley

The walk is a very...very...long one. You feel like once you've left the Sand's territory, you've passed some sort of barrier. An invisible one but a barrier still. How odd. After a bit more walking, you come across a rather modest and calm Kat with liquid-ike blue mane resting underneath a tree. He has a mask on but the mask has no eyehole. How odd, how can he see?
One does not need eyes if they can see thoughts, emotions, and intent.

You jump, feeling a voice echo inside your skull. There is chuckling.
Fear me not. I do not wish to read your secrets or private thoughts. I was just curious on your first impression of me.
His muzzle curves into a gentle smile.

I'm Rauukon, an Outer Dimensional. My type is known as Phantom.
You introduce yourself, then bluntly ask if the thing everyone fears lives in the next territory. Rauukon gives you a look of pure curiousity.
I know nothing of this.
You o.O; and decide to drop the subject. It's a good thing you do, because something else has moved forward and caught your interest. Standing beside the tree is a green raveeness, also masked like Rauukon but mostly a deep forest green with a pair of wings tightly pressed against her sides. She gives you a look of intense distrust, remaining rooted to her spot. Rauukon turns his head, seeing your gaze, and sees the Raveeness.

Ah...Asrafel, do not worry. This is just a traveler passing through, Rauukon says gently, getting to his paws. Asrafel passes Rauukon a look, looking torn. Like she wants to flee yet she won't because Rauukon wants her to come forward. Instead of acting on either, she just stays there. Hello, she says finally, her tone curt. I expect you'll be moving on shortly. Right?
Rauukon gives you an apologetic look. She's not a mean or spiteful kat at heart...but her past has left troubling impacts on her life. Forgive her.
Be that the case, you feel it's probably time to move on. You thank him, nod to Asrafel, and nearly run down the path.

The Battle Prides

The Raveen Kats are (c) to GryphonIce and the background is (c) to me. Nothing on this site is free clipart.