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Raveen Valley

Before you get far, a blue and green blur literally springs past you, disappearing into the nearby brush. This is really odd...a Kat can't jump that far!
"Oops...overshot it that time," a voice mutters just before the blue/green head pops out out again.
"Oh, hiya! I'm Juunion." He grins, his antenna waving around.
You o.o' at the Kat's odd insect appendages. Juunion gives you a wry smile.
"I guess you met the other Insect Kat already. He's a butterfly...I'm a grasshopper." He waves his antenna around more, showing them off.

You giggle a little, then remember all the warnings you've been given so far. Still curious, you ask about them. Juunion's face tenses.
"The warnings are valid...I'd heed them if I were you. I believe IT lives a few more territories down. I stay away from that area so I'm too sure." Junnion's tone is serious and low. You ask what exactly IT is. The Insect Kat smirks.
"If you wanna know, I suggest you keep moving. I don't like talking about it."
You shrug and move on, Juunion springing out of sight as you move futher down the path.

The Battle Prides

The Raveen Kats are (c) to GryphonIce and the background is (c) to me. Nothing on this site is free clipart.