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Name: Rauukon
Gender: Male
Type: Phantom
Parentage: Unknown
Mate: Asrafel
Pride: None
Dimension: Outer
Diety: GryphonIce

Is highly empathic, so he can sense emotions as well as send emotions. Can soul-read. His mask shows the emotion 'Calmness', and the reason the mask has no eye hole is because he got into a fight with another Phantom when he was a cub and has been blind in that eye ever since, so there was no need to carve out a hole to see. His other eye is dark blue.

Emotional Shutdown: The target's mind is overrun by every last emotion. When all the emotions 'fade' the target is rendered brain dead for two hours.
Crawling Phantom: Ability to send a wave of fire, ice, rocks, tornadoes, energy, and black destruction at the target. Once the target is hit by at least one of these waves it's mind is under the user's control.
Emotion's End: Instantly kills the target.

The Battle Prides

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