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Name: Muuyashi
Gender: Male
Type: Moon
Parentage: Wild
Mate: None
Pride: None
Dimension: Inner
Diety: Orcle

Notes: If wounded he heals instantly. The feathers on his wrists are mildly mutated due to the markings on them, but due to his family line it's not really considered a mutation. The moon marking on his forehead is actually a family crest, so any other Moons who have that marking are related to him.

His necklaces were all given to him by different Kats. The gold moon with the red gem gives him immunity to instant kill abilities, and was given to him by his father. The thick black necklace/choker allows him to soul-read, and was given to him by his mother. The next necklace, the one in the middle with the thin black chain, holds a small feather which was given to him by his younger sister. It holds no power, it's more of a 'don't forget me' type gift.

He has been trained to fight by Yin and Yang. Now these two teach their students to show no sign of knowing how to fight until a fight starts, that way the attacker won't be expecting anything. Due to his training he has an excellant reaction speed, and thus can dodge most blows that other Kats would never have a hope of dodging. His speed has increased muchly and so has his strength due to their training. He will show respect to every Kat he meets that his not an obvious foe, as that was how he was raised.

Mimic info:
Element: Celestial
Gender: Female
Ability: Can create small orbs of pink-yellow-green energy which stuns the target and makes it impossible for the target to use any abilities for ten minutes.
Notes: She is the first Celestial Mimic to be bonded. Celestial Mimics are sentient, but only talk to their bond and only through mindspeech. They can mindspeak and read the minds of any Mimic. They understand both Raveen Kat language and Mimic Language, but prefer to talk to Raveen Kats as they're more intelligent and 'worthy' of them. They can fly at lightspeed, and walk on all four legs when they're not flying. If wounded she will heal instantly, and if killed she'll just be ressurrected seconds later, fully healed. Celestial Mimics are extremely rare.

Element: Time
Gender: Male
Ability: Can freeze time for up to ten minutes. Bonded won't be affected, or the Celestial Mimic.
Notes: Minor tail type mutation. His mane is a mix of blue, purple and black. Time Mimics are rare.

Moon Dust: Heals the user, or the target by means of touch. Can also cause extreme pain for the target if desired, can cause the target to become 'lifeless' for an hour.Illusions cannot use this ability.
Tears of the Moon: A sparkling wave of dust which covers anything it touches in a diamond 'cage'. The diamond cage cannot be destroyed unless it's melted by fire, the cage itself lasts as long as the user desires.Illusions cannot use this ability.
Moon Dragon: Summons a 50ft moon dragon(ghost like in appearance) which will do whatever the user desires. It will not kill however, but it will steal life from the target by means of touch.
Faith of the Moon: A blinding ray of white light covers the user, making the user temporarily immortal. Once the light has engulfed him it will then vanish. The light will only affect him, and this ability only works at night. Once night is gone, he's back to being mortal.

The Battle Prides

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