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Name: Luucifer
Gender: Male
Type: Plague Corrupted Light
Parentage: Unknown
Mate: None
Pride: None
Dimension: ?
Diety: Dezamlin

Notes: Can soul-read. If wounded he heals instantly, and his blood is dark green. The green 'ram' horns, black wings, spaded tail and long front claws are not something he was born with. He gained all these attributes after he came into contact with the Dezamlin Plague. He is immune to soul ripping abilities.
His front paws hold very long non-sheathable claws which are very sharp and unbreakable. His wings are not flight capable, but he can leap about 25ft into the air and 'float' there for as long as he wishes. Using his front paws he can then create tiny black energy spheres which he can throw at any target, they cause instant paralysis upon contact. This is not an ability, but is a power so a Mind Kat cannot gain this.
Plague Corrupted Kats were not born corrupted ,they gained it later on in life by coming into contact with the Dezamlin Plague. He has all memories of his former life, but he holds no emotional ties to his family, or past friends. They're his enemies. Plague Corrupted Kats are not the kind to go out and make friends, infact they would rather kill than make a friend. They do however hold social ties with other Plague Corrupted Kats.
They do not follow Orcle, they follow Dezamlin, who is their 'god'. Once infected with the Plague all those infected start to mutate, and their physical appearance takes on an appearance simillar to Dezamlin. All infecteds have long front claws and wings that are not capable of flight, as well as a spaded tail. Horns can also appear, but not always.
If he is killed by an instant kill ability his soul(which takes on a green glowy mist form) will go on a killing spree, and will not stop until his soul is returned to his body. In order to kill when out of the body he needs only come into contact with a living creature, as the mist kills instantly once breathed in.
He cannot transfer the Plague to anyone, he is an infected and not a carrier. He was infected by the Light Sezazi. Of course if he had any cubs they would be plague corrupted.
As far as Valley of Origin goes, Plague Corrupts live in Shadowed Valley.

Light Cloak: The users turns into light. Or rather the user becomes covered in a veil of blinding light.

Light Wave: Sends a wave of blinding light at the target. Will blind the target for 10 minutes.

Light's Invincibility: The user is covered in a veil of light which fully heals the user, or the target if the user desires.

Corrupting Light: Instantly kills target, if the target is in the light and not in the darkness. Is a psychic ability, so can get passed most shields.

Descending Plague: A green mist 'dome' shield appears around the user, this mist blocks all abilities, as long as they are not cast by a Mage, God, Legend or a Kat that possess a god stone.

Lighting of the Dark: A flash of green light fills a max of 1 square mile. This green light infects anything it touches with poison, poison which renders the target(s) paralyzed and kills within 30 minutes. The target cannot speak with it's voice when paralyzed. This is considered a psychic ability.

Claws of Dezamlin: Sharp 5ft tall green spikes grow up from the area where-ever the user desires, instantly. These spikes are extremely sharp and can go easily through bone.

Seeking the Plague: Basic ability to teleport. Is no where near as powerful as a Magic's teleport ability, the user can only teleport a max of 500ft each time this ability is used

Calling to the Plague: Summons a 50ft. tall Plague Corrupted Light dragon. This dragon cannot fly, but it's talons are each twelve inches long and sharp enough to cut cleanly through bone with ease. Each scale on this dragon's body is tougher then steel. It can summon spheres of green light which it can throw at the target, these spheres explode on contact. Will not back down until the user desires.

Suffering Light: The target is instantly rendered blind for 20 minutes.

Immunities: Magic and Death

The Battle Prides

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