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Name: Kasaiuu
Gender: Male
Type: Life/Sun Mix
Parentage: Wild/Unknown
Mate: Niou
Pride: Illuminated Life
Dimension: Inner
Diety: Orcle

Notes: He's made completely of fire, so he cannot bleed or loose -any- limbs. That also means there's no way he can ever become an Undead, as Undeads must die violently and, well, in his case he can't. His 'mane' is like a saber tooth tigers, so it will not grow much. The glowy small orb around Kasaiuu's neck is infact a small light orb he received from 'Orcle' on her visit to Thunder way back. He has no idea it wasn't the real Orcle he got it from. It only has one use, it can be thrown at an enemy where it will explode and instantly paralyze it for up to ten minutes. Now it can only be used once, and Kasaiuu probably would never use it - more of a momento of sorts.

Mimic Info
Name: Seimei
Gender: Female
Element: Life
Mate: None
Offspring: Hope
Ability: She can cause muscles/small creatures to fall asleep by means of touch.

Rejuvenation- A fiery wave which heals/gives life back to the target, or causes extreme burns for the target. This ability cannot heal lost limbs.

Sun of Life- This ability can ressurrect a freshly killed Kat, restore limbs, or restore lost energy. This ability cannot ressurrect (or even heal) Undeads and cannot restore lifeforce if the target lost it while living.

The Battle Prides

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