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Name: Iskuur
Gender: Male
Type: Lightning
Parentage: Teidra x Soranduu
Mate: Azora
Pride: None
Dimension: Inner
Diety: Orcle

Notes: Lightning is an extremely rare element and is usually only born during the season lightning storms take place on the Ice Plains. They can run just as fast as lightning moves and can absorb lightning strikes, infact if they're in an area where an electricity build-up is, they'll act like a magnet and attact all that energy to themselves. They are not telepathic to any degree. The lightning bolts on his tail and ears do move, and they are capable of shocking anything that touches them. If he cannot keep his temper, he will shoot off electricity. His tail bolt is now as sharp as a blade and can cut bone.

Lightning Collision: Sends a bolt of lightning crashing down onto target, instantly electrocuting it.

The Battle Prides

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