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Name: Infernal
Gender: Female
Type: Plague Corrupted Light
Parentage: Unknown
Mate: None
Pride: None
Dimension: ?
Diety: Dezamlin

Notes: She can soul-read, and if wounded she heals instantly. She wasn't born with wings, thus she couldn't gain flightless wings when she was infected by Sezazi. She did however gain sharp horns and sharp ripping claws on her front paws. To date she has a murder count of 34, not including the cubs she's killed. When Sezazi infected her she had a Dark Mimic bonded to her, finding this rather amusing Dezamlin himself corrupted the Mimic.

*Light Cloak: The users turns into light. Or rather the user becomes covered in a veil of blinding light.
Light Wave: Sends a wave of blinding light at the target. Will blind the target for 10 minutes.
Light's Invincibility: The user is covered in a veil of light which fully heals the user, or the target if the user desires.
Fear the Light: Beams of light shoot out of the sky, hitting any nearby targets and going right through their bodies, leaving a clean hole wherever the light beams hit. These beams of light have a radius of 2 inches, and several shoot out of the sky not just one or two.
Dezamlin's Eyes: The user's eyes gain a green glow, allowing the user to see through hiding abilities or things which aren't real.
Damage Resistant: A barrier of green mist appears around the user, this mist blocks any abilities thrown at it which have a physical appearance. These blocked abiliteis are then absorbed by the green mist and used to protect the user. Once an ability is absorbed it can also be used to cause damage.

Immunities: Fire, Water, Earth, Air, Heaven and Hell

Mimic Info;
Gender: Female
Element: Plague Corrupted Dark
Ability: Can send waves of blinding darkness at target.
Notes: She has glowy green horns, a spaded tail and sharp front claws - similliar to the ones you'd find on a Plague Corrupted Kat.

The Battle Prides

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