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Name: Ghouul
Gender: Female
Type: Haunted
Faction: Combat
Parentage: Unknown
Mate: None
Dimension: Demon
Diety: Rekshanuu

Notes: The chains on her left side are longer then the chains connected to her right paws, the ball itself is more to the right side then in the middle. The ball also weighs about 500lbs. She has no need to walk on ground, she's able to 'fly'. Like a Spirit Kat she heals instantly if wounded. She has no paw-pads, so if she does walk on the ground the only mark that would be left is the mark from the heavy ball dragging through the dirt. Spirits/Essences/Souls/Heavens/Lifes/Innocences cannot come close to her, if they do they'll start to go insane as her body radiates so much evil that it can alter their minds(she has no control over this, but basically the Kat becomes so bloodthirsty that they start bitting themselves or something). This power will work within a radius of 700ft. For all those types to use an ability on Ghouul they have to be within 500ft of her. It also effects Mimics of those elements. She can soul-read.

Haunted Embrace: The target is instantly killed.

Spirit Summoning: Summons the spirits of ten dead Raveen Kats which attack the target(s). Due to them being spirits they can get through weak shields. They will not back down until the user wishes them to.

Haunted Mind: The target begins to see copies of the user, which aren't really there. This makes it impossible for the target to see the real user of the ability, and it confuses the mind so much that soul-reading wouldn't even help the target pinpoint the user.

Haunting: The target's soul is instantly ripped from it's body. The body is then under the user's control, and the target's soul does not return to it's body for 2hrs.

Undying Ghost: This ability cannot be activated until the user is dead,then and only then will it activate. This ability fully ressurrects the user and makes it immune to all abilities for 5 minutes. After 5 minutes this ability wears off, if the user is killed again after this ability has been used it will not be ressurrected again in the same spot or by this ability. This ability can only be used once every 12hrs.

Free Thee: The target is instantly struck down by some unseen force,unable to move or even breath. Seconds later the target's organs will start to explode, starting with the minor organs and ended with the heart and brain.

Haunting Wind: Causes a powerful gust of wind to shoot toward the target(s), this wind is powerful enough to cancel out wave abilities and move a target 1 mile.

Immunities: Heaven, Water, Fire, Death

The Battle Prides

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