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Name: Deven
Gender: Female
Type: Death
Parentage: Wild
Mate: None
Pride: None
Dimension: Inner
Diety: Orcle

Notes: She can mindspeak, but cannot read minds. Her tufted tail has a slight mutation, it's tipped black. She has several scars on the front of her body, mostly on her face and shoulders - due to past fights. During one of these fights, when she was a teen, she lost her right paw and had it replaced with a robotic one. This robotic paw allowed her to walk around and such, but caused her movement during fights to be slow - as the robotic paw didn't allow for much movement.

Upon reaching adulthood she finally grew annoyed with the robotic paw and ripped off her entire leg - which was extremly painful but she's not one to dwell on pain. Once the limb was removed she seeked out a Kat known as Shinah Hu and had a fully robotic limb created. She went through the trouble of seeking Shinah Hu out because she didn't just want a robotic limb, she wanted a deadly weapon.

She got her wish and gained the robotic limb that she now has. This limb cannot be ripped out, apart or damaged. The limb is attached to her shoulder with thousands of needle-like robotechnic devices which sense the movements she wishes to make - allowing for precise movement, just like one would get from a real limb. The glowing blue wires which are attached to her body from her robotic 'elbow' are also connected to her heart - in an unusual, but powerful way, these wires protect her heart - keeping it pumping always, so instant kills cannot kill her heart. One would think an instant kill would still kill her mind, but these wires send a nice little jolt of electricity through her body which keeps the mind alive.

The red parts on her robotic limb are not true metal, they're more shockabsorbers - these red areas are also always extremely hot - they'll burn the flesh off of anything they touch, but will not harm this Death Raveeness. The robotic 'claw' has a slight avian design to it, and only has one thumb and two fingers. The gold nails on these fingers can increase in length, up to six inches - since they're made of a sort of liquid like gold which solidifies when the nails are increased or decreased in size. These nails are extremely sharp and can easily rip through flesh, and damage bone.

Due to her right limb not being flesh and bone she can actually get more movement out of it - as she's not restricted to the movements her anatomy allows. You see a normal Raveen Kat cannot move their front legs up enough to grab at something on their neck without breaking their front legs - she however can do this with her right limb without worry.

*Drain: Can drain the energy, or life depending on how powerful the target is, from the target by means of touch.
Death Wave: A grey mist which paralyzes anything it touches. Tends to kill smaller animals.
Sudden Death: Basically this ability can stop anything. Abilities, life, blood flow, or even time. It's considered an ultimate ability as it can be both defensive and offensive.

She has perfect nightvision.

The Battle Prides

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