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Name: Deluuselvine a.k.a Deluu
Gender: Male
Type: Insect (Blue Morpho Butterfly)
Parentage: Unknown
Mate: None
Pride: None
Dimension: Inner
Diety: Orcle

Notes: Can soul-read. The four bands around his legs allow him to run as fast as light but if one is taken off, he is unable to. His wings are flight-capable but he cannot fly as long as a Kat with feathered or draconic wings could. Both wings are covered in a dust which can cause paralysis for five minutes.

Radiant Light: a blinding explosion of light overtakes the area, blinding any targets for one hour.
Merciful Shield: A blue aura appears around the user, this aura block all abilities but only lasts twenty minutes.
Dusted: A wave of blue dust is sent towards the target, once breathed in this dust enters the bloodstream. It then flows through the blood and clots it. If not healed, the target will die within fifteen minutes.

The Battle Prides

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