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Name: Chuulla
Gender: Male
Type: Animal (Chinchilla)
Parentage: Wild
Mate: None
Pride: None
Dimension: Inner
Diety: Orcle

Notes: He has very thick fur(so the cold won't bother him at all), infact so thick one can't tell he has a very thin build underneath that fur ^^; He can soul-read and if wounded he heals instantly. The two feathers are from a bird known as Rejavu Bree, which is a 'heavenly' bird only found in Scorpion Valley(his birth valley). These feathers provide him with a power boost which allows him to use his abilities endlessly.

Eye of the Quake: Causes a massive quake to take place instantly where-ever the user desires. This quake will cause much damage, but the user can stop it whenever he wishes.
Thundering Summons: Summons fifty energy chinchillas which are made of electricity. They will follow the target and explode on contact with it.
Magic of Ice: Freezes the target instantly in a thick layer of unbreakable ice.
Tomb: Instantly kills target.

The Battle Prides

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