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Name: Bayakuu
Gender: Male
Type: Sand
Parentage: Unknown
Mate: Isabis
Pride: Coming Storm
Dimension: Inner
Diety: Orcle

Notes: He's a lot darker than most Sand Kats. The gold headpiece on his head symbolizes a "Vertian Hound", which is basically a shapeshifting hyena/wolf type hound that roams through the deserts. It is also sheilded, meaning no other can remove it from him. If they try, they'll be paralyzed. It also gives him the power to see through false forms, meaning he can see the true form of an Illusion eaven when they've shapeshifted into another Kat type. His necklace holds the Orcle's symbol.

Sand Storm: The user can create a storm of sand.

The Battle Prides

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