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Name: Azora
Gender: Female
Type: Illusion/Balance
Parentage: Retuuray x Evidana (Guardian's Tide)
Mate: Ishkuur
Pride: None
Dimension: Inner
Diety: Orcle

Notes: She has her father's mane. If wounded she'll heal instantly, as long as the wound isn't a mortal wound, if it is someone else will have to heal her. She can soul-read. After excrutiating pain she received her 'third eye'. Now this eye does not blink, and Azora cannot really see through it. It gives her a mild foresight ability which allows her to see ~tragic~ events before they happen, but only if the events result in the death of a Kat, if they don't, then she doesn't see them. When she sleeps her 'third eye' does close. She has now grown out of her 'cub eyes'. Meaning her eyes are now a solid reflective color, not like they were when she was a cub. Her bracelet was a gift from her father, it actually boosts her power level so she can use her abilities up to four more times before feeling drained. The 'third eye curse' will be passed on to her offspring.

Illusion- Basic ability to shapeshift into another Raveen Kat element and use that element's abilities.

Deadly Balance- Instantly renders the target unconcious. The target will be unconcious for thirty minutes, once that time is up the target will find itself infected with a deadly virus which slows the flow of blood. This virus will kill the target within thirty minutes, unless a Heaven heals it.

The Battle Prides

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