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Name: Atemeca
Gender: Female
Type: Venom
Parentage: None, she was created, not born
Mate: None
Pride: None
Dimension: Outer
Diety: GryphonIce

Notes: Her blood is highly venomous and anyone who bites her will instantly die in a world of pain due to how venomous it is. Her claws are clear and hollow and able to inject this venom in to anyone she wishes.

She did not exist before the 20th of September, or the 'day of demons'. She was summoned, not born on that day. Due to this she had no cubhood, and is also not a true Venom Kat.

She has many mutations. The first being her skin coloring(yes, skin, she has no fur) is white, and not tan like a Venom's normally is. Secondly she has wings, but these wings are not capable of flight. Thirdly she has no tail. Her last and major mutation is her power.

She has power over molecules/atoms, and thus can split apart when being attacked(basically when she does this she turns in to 100 mini Venoms) and can turn back to normal at will(all mini venoms must be intact for her to do this though, if one dies then she cannot return to her normal form). When in mini-venom versions she can attack/use abilities, but the abilities wouldn't do as much damage as they would if she was in her normal form. They'd be more like Mimic abilities damage wise.

Legends of Ice are extremely loyal to their goddess, and as far as rank goes they come right after the Walkers. They are allowed passage through all territories.

*Poison Wave: A wave of poison needles is sent at the target. Once the target is poisoned it is paralyzed until the Kat(s) who paralyzed them wish them to be unparalyzed.

Poison's End: Instantly kills the target by means of touch.

Venomous Rattle: Ability to send a wave of black poison, followed by the same poison needles in Poison Wave at the target.

Immunities: All Inner Dimensionals, Stealth, Phantom, Legacy

She can use her abilities endlessly and there is NO cure for her poison.

The Battle Prides

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