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Name: Asrafel
Gender: Female
Type: Stealth/Phantom Mix
Parentage: Wild/Unknown
Mate: Rauukon
Pride: None
Dimension: Outer
Diety: GryphonIce

Notes: She can mindspeak and read the minds of all Kats which don't have mindblocks or have a more powerful telepathic ability than she does. Her wings are a major mutation, especially since she's part Stealth... Stealth's do not have that gene, at all, so she inherited the wings from her Phantom half. Her left wing is also slightly mutated, it's attached to her shoulder instead of behind her shoulder, she can fly just fine though. She is mildly empathic, meaning she can sense emotions but not send emotions. If wounded she heals instantly. Thin build. Her mask shows the emotion jealousy.

History: Born into a Phantom/Myth/Stealth Pride, she was born from the two protectors. When she was first born her father, who was a Stealth, disowned her, saying that wings were a curse. Her mother did not disown her, and ended up raising her on her own most of the time as the other Stealths of the pride saw her as a cursed cub aswell.
Soon winter came around in the Outer Dimension, and winters in the Outer Dimension were harsh and only came around every five hundred years. The pride suffered great loses, as most of the cubs born earlier that year were not strong enough to handle the cold, most died. Shadow Beats followed the Pride, eating the victims of the cold. Near the end of the winter a great blizzard took place, and her mother was killed. She tried to stay with the pride, but her father did not want her. It wasn't long before the pride abandoned her, that is when the Shadow Beasts attacked her.
Fortunantely, she wasn't alone in that area, a male Phantom cub with black wings known as Predatuur was in that area. Since she was inexperienced in fighting due to the lack of training from her father she was unable to hold her own against the Shadow Beast. Predatuur had previously killed one and received his mask from it's bones, he shouted out encouragement to her, and told her how to take down such a mighty beast. She was bitten by the shadow beast before she could kill it, but right after she killed it she took and carved it's bones into a mask showing jealousy.. As she was always jealous of those who had families. Even though she heals insantly the bite mark did not heal fully, as the Shadow Beast had bitten right into the bone and instant healing only heals the flesh. Predatuur gave her some bandages, which she used to wrap up her leg, this made the pain virtually fade away.
Around this time the Dimension had entered the Inner Dimension and portals were opening everywhere, Predatuur was pulled into one of these portals and thus they were seperated. She never did fully recover from that, as Predatuur was her only cubhood friend.
She travelled alone until she reached adulthood, thats when she found a portal and came through it, she ended up in the Inner Dimension.

Stealth's Phantom- The user becomes invincible for 20 minutes, meaning no abilities can harm her.

Hidden Force- The targets bones are crushed instantly, unless blocked by a powerful shield. This kills the target, painfully.

Stealthen Rage- The earth shakes and the target(s) is/are pulled upwards, the ground grows spikes, and the target(s) is/are dropped upon them. Each spike is around 7-10 inches long and extremely sharp..

The Battle Prides

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