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Name: Arkanuus
Gender: Male
Type: Erosion
Parentage: Bayakuu x Isabis
Mate: None
Birth Pride: Coming Storm
Dimension: Inner
Diety: Orcle but is not his source for power

Notes: He can soul-read, and if wounded he heals instantly. His wings are an obvious mix of black, gray and white. He has two pieces of jewelry, the first a gold earring in his left ear, the other a gold bracelet on his right leg. His blue eyes are unlike most, they glow all the time - even when his eyelids are closed. This kinda gives him an eerie look when he sleeps, as his eyelids will glow. He has perfect nightvision, and can even see through shadows. He is immune to instant kills.

On his forehead there is a blue marking, which is actual pure demonic writing. Of course no one would actually know this unless they could read it. It reads "Dark Deed", but only a pure and full demon can read it. He also has another bit of demonic writing on his body, on his back right 'hip'. There are several symbols found here, as it's more then just one word. Incase you're curious, it reads "Darker then the sky once hailed, Deeper then the heart dwells". As to what it refers to? Only time will reveal :D;

He can withstand any amount of wind, and water waves, as he is unaffected by their strength. He does not have to walk through water if he doesn't desire to, he can walk across it - this is a minor power he can control.

He is not the only Erosion Kat out there, there are about five - one of which was born on the same day he was. In a rather freaky way these two are connected, somewhat like twins are. They both are fully aware of the other's existence, although they don't know names or anything, just that they have a connection - a connection which allows them to share power, and even thoughts.

These two Erosion cubs constantly share thoughts, unwillingly. The thoughts belonging to the other cub however almost go unnoticed, being only faint whispers in the back of one's mind. It's only when he is in an area filled with nothing but silence that he may notice he's receiving someone's thoughts, and be able to make out what's being thought.

Sometimes he will receive random cuts on his body, as the two cubs also share wounds - which also means if one cub dies the other does aswell, but if one cub is revived(or someone attempts to ressurrect it), the attempt will fail - as both cubs would have to be revived. However this does not go for healing while still alive, if one cub is healed so is the other. They also kinda share emotions, though not so strongly - so if one were very depressed the other would only be slightly depressed.

The reason these two cubs are linked in this way is because they were born on Grevashian'Norida, "Day of Curses", named such because (one of) The Great Evil('s personas) was slain during that day. This released a powerful curse, which affected all who were present at the Great Evil's death. So this means that your Erosion cub is the reincarnation of one of the Kats present at that time.

As to why he has a connection with another cub, it's because the Kat who he is the reincarnation of had the same kind of connection with somone else. He was a soul-seer
Later Notes: Arkanuus is one of the six watchers, beings which were created by the highest power to watch over her world - to make sure balance was made between the natural and unnatural. These six beings were the undisputed rulers of the natural elements which they watched over; basically their only equals were the Supreme Gods, but even they couldn't grasp the full extent of the watchers' powers.
He has no need to tap in to Orcle for power anymore, he can supply himself with enough, so now he can use his abilities endlessly without any worry of growing weak. He also has no need to eat or breath, and his desire to kill will be basically non-existant, instead it will be replaced with a desire to punish those who abuse the natural world - by abusing the natural world one would have to be dependant on their abilities, someone who loves destroying nature, or just a demon who wants to corrupt something.
Arkanuus can feel the life of the world now, he can feel the life within the water and he can feel the life above it. He can also always hear the thoughts of everyone and everything in the world, perhaps even unknowingly. This is because he has a connection to everything with the natural world now, so mindspeaking to a friend or family member who is continents away is within his power to do.

Power Notes: Now Arkanuus is the "Soul of the Water", and because of this he has unmatched power over water and storms. If he so desired he could create a flood and destroy an entire planet with a single thought, or he could cause a light rain. He can also stop any storms, be them natural or unnatural(power or ability caused), or bend them to his own will. However if the storm includes a tornado he can't touch it - it's caused by wind and has no connection to water. It's the same with electricity in a storm, or at least somewhat simillar, he can't control the electricity - he can only make it. (ie he can create a thundering rain storm, but has no hold over the electricity brought fourth by it)
Arkanuus' power over water also allows for him to control any body of water in such a way that he can cause one to ice over instantly, or come to life with activity. Any life within the water is also his to control, save for the dragons found in Thunder Valley - those are Untouchables, as they belong to another watcher. This does include demons and abilities which are dependant on water, he'll have control over them. So any demon which came from the water would have to obey him, no matter what. And any creature whose body is made up of water is at risk of being easily killed by Arkanuus, as he can literally remove the water from them - leaving them all 'dried up'.
Now something he can do which affects his physical appearance is - actually two things.. He can turn his body in to water and back at will, and can also shapeshift in to the form of the watcher within him ~ a blue scaled, semi-transparent serpent dragon. A serpent dragon, in this world, is basically a dragon with only two legs which are in the front and a long snake-like body, however the head is clearly dragonic and glowy threads cover the creature's spine starting from it's forward and ending at it's tailtip. The serepent dragon also has 'whiskers', unblinking eyes, and a forked tongue.
When in this form Arkanuus is untouchable by any mortal, only a God has the potential to harm him. His scales are always wet as this dragon is cloaked in water. He can move across land, swim through an ocean or fly through the sky, all are possible for him. He can shift freely between this form and his Raveen form, but really would never shift to his dragon form just to take someone for a ride. Although the dragon is the natural form of the "Soul of the Water".

Wave Blast: Sends a very powerful gust of wind at the target. This gust of wind is so powerful it will literally skin a Kat alive.

The Battle Prides

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