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Name: Arkanuus
Gender: Male
Type: Erosion
Parentage: Bayakuu x Isabis
Mate: None
Birth Pride: Coming Storm
Dimension: Inner
Diety: Orcle

Notes: He can soul-read, and if wounded he heals instantly. His wings are an obvious mix of black, gray and white. He has two pieces of jewelry, the first a gold earring in his left ear, the other a gold bracelet on his right leg. His blue eyes are unlike most, they glow all the time - even when his eyelids are closed. This kinda gives him an eerie look when he sleeps, as his eyelids will glow.

On his forehead there is a blue marking, which is actual pure demonic writing. Of course no one would actually know this unless they could read it. It reads "Dark Deed", but only a pure and full demon can read it. He also has another bit of demonic writing on his body, on his back right 'hip'. There are several symbols found here, as it's more then just one word. Incase you're curious, it reads "Darker then the sky once hailed, Deeper then the heart dwells". As to what it refers to? Only time will reveal :D;

He is not the only Erosion Kat out there, there are about five - one of which was born on the same day he was.

Wave Blast: Sends a very powerful gust of wind at the target. This gust of wind is so powerful it will literally skin a Kat alive.

He has perfect nightvision, and can even see through shadows. He is immune to instant kills. He can withstand any amount of wind, and water waves, as he is unaffected by their strength. He does not have to walk through water if he doesn't desire to, he can walk across it - this is a minor power he can control.

The Battle Prides

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