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Serian Meadows

Once again, the portal dumps you out into a grass area and disappears, leaving you alone. This time, you've landed in a very large meadow with a few trees spread out. You glance around quickly, seeing dozens of shadows roaming around in the grass or disappearing into the edge of the forest. The closest creature, equine in type, grazes quietly in a patch of clover. You step forward and the creatures head instantly swings up and its gaze fixes on you.
Wildfire, Male, Red Sands, Fire Magics
One ear flicks forward, then the equine turns on a hoof and rears. With a shrill whinny, it gallopes away, joined by a blue and goldish equine of the same species.
Epoch, Male, Celestial Light, Time Magics
You blink....and blink again. A small snort behind you makes you snap your head around. A paler equine of the same type stares at you, tossing its wispy green/brown mane. It mutters one word, "Leave", and slinks away into the forest. You sigh, this was not what you were expecting.
Hunter, Female, Forest Song, Special Dog Tail
Disappointed, you move forward towards the middle of the field.


The Serians are (c) to Foxxfyre and the background is (c) to me. Nothing on this site is free clipart.