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Wyvern Roost

You fight your way through the branches, reaching a rather battered door. With some effort, you open it and glance around the room...but strangely it is empty. Confused, you move towards the middle of the room but the sounds of loud yelling and shrieking coming from behind it tells you that perhaps you had better move out of the way. Seconds later, JadeEye bursts through the door with two wyverns in each hand. Both are wearing hoods of leather and a thong of leather around a foot to keep them from flying away and you can tell that neither wyvern has any intention of getting along at this point.
JadeEye notices you and thrusts the end of the orange wyvern's thong in your hand, freeing her other hand so she can calm the green. The orange wyvern calms considerably, now that it isn't as close to the green as it was earlier. "I think it's safe to take off the hoods and release them from the restraints. Be careful," JadeEye says as she unties the leather strip from the wyvern's leg.
You do the same with the restraint and on the count of three, you both remove the hoods from each wyvern. For a moment, there is a lull of silence...then both fling themselves into the air, shrieking and hissing at one another. In an instant, they both collide in midair, grabbing at one another with their hindlegs. Feathers and hair fly as each grabs a hold on the other and together they fall towards the floor.

You yelp in alarm as the two hit the ground with a soft thud but to your relief, they both remove their holds and fly to perches that are on opposite sides of the room.
"Arrogant Fire Elemental! You are no match for me! All wyverns know that Life Elementals are superior to Fire Elementals," the green screams at the orange. "No wyvern, seraph or not, can outdo a Life Elemental!" The orange screams in challenge, lashing it's stinger tipped tail. "Foolish creature you are! Fire will burn you to ashes!" The Fire Elemental hisses and snakes his neck.
JadeEye looks rather alarmed by now and with no other ideas in calming the two down, she places two small rabbit carcasses in the middle of the room. Instantly, they both dive for the food, each landing on their own rabbit. They feast, pausing between bites to hiss and insult each other in both English and in a language you don't understand. The fire elemental finishes his meal first, then hops to the other wyvern's dinner and starts eating off of it. The life elemental growls and lashes at the first with his tail but the fire elemental lashes back with his stinger tail, causing the life elemental to jump away.
"THAT IS QUITE ENOUGH!" JadeEye roars, silencing both wyverns. "You are both equal in every way! Your fighting is pointless!"
The two creatures grump but don't make moves to attack the other.
"That's better," JadeEye wipes her brow with the back of her hand, then picks up the hoods and thongs. "Any more fighting and I'll separate you both permenantly from all the other wyverns."
She received a pair of defeated warbles from both creatures. It seems their fight is over now. Relieved, you head towards the door.
"We have a few more, if you want to see them..."
JadeEye points to a door across from the door you used to enter the room.

The Wyvern Roost

The wyverns are (c) to DragonSpyrit and the background is (c) to me. Nothing on this page is free clipart.