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Wyvern Roost

The portal gently places you on the ground and disappears, leaving you alone with a trio of large dragonish animals. The first is a lovely black and blue patterned female who is lounging on a fallen tree branch. She gives you a quick glance but returns to preening her lovely mane. A male with a mechanical appearance backwings and lands on a stump. He warbles and curls up in a tight ball. Soon, he is fast asleep.

A rather dull wyvern glides by, calling out to the other two. The female glances at the albino wyvern, then launches herself up into the air after the red eyed male.
The sleeping mech wyvern doesn't even move but a flash of green alerts you to the presence of another wyvern This one is oddly patterned but the oddest feature of this wyvern is a patch of bright green hair on the top of it's head. The wyvern looks so absurd, you can't help but laugh.

As you turn to look for more wyverns, a dragonfly morph wyvern flits by, wings buzzing. You watch the wyvern chase a small bug around, feeling that you have nothing else to do. A bright, electric-colored wyvern dashes in and snatches the bug the dragonfly morph was chasing. Humming and chirping, the yellow and black settles down on a piece of log, and snacks on the bug it caught. The dragonfly morph grumps and lands on another branch, pouting as it does so. The black and gold wyvern chirrs and takes to the air, ducking behind a large stand of bushes and dead vegitation.

Curious, you walk over and pull back some of the branches. There seems to be a small building tucked behind this mess. You decide to investigate.

The Wyvern Roost

The wyverns are (c) to DragonSpyrit and the background is (c) to me. Nothing on this page is free clipart.