Rsuchu Meadows

The portal drops you into the grass and hovers just out of reach. A trio of unicorn-like creatures stare over at you, whickering and swishing their tails. The larger one, a deep forest green unicorn, snorts and paws at the earth, then tosses his head in a clear "Watch your step" sort of manner.
Forest's Darkening Shadows, Male, Ring of Faded Memories
The other two are brightly hued females who eye you warily before moving behind the protective bulk of the male. Again, the male tosses his head and snots, growing slightly more agressive.
Sunset's Fading GlimmerTwilight's Final Breath
You finally get the message and back off. The male relaxes a little but only once you start walking in the opposite direction does he remove his gaze from your retreating figure.

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