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Wyvern Roost

The other Wyvern finally reaches the shore. She glances at you for only a moment, then continues on her way down the river.

Name: Shimr
Species: Wyvern
Gender: Female
Parents: Unknown
Mate: Nebulae

"That's Shimr...she's a water elemental. I think she is a Southern Wyvern too." Nebulae explains. "She doesn't likes visitors at all so that's why she didn't stay for conversation."

Neb motions to a portal that has just opened.
"That's all there is to see here. Be on your way!"
You shrug and hop into the portal, zipping off to a new place.

The Star Fissure

The Wyverns are (c) to DragonFlight and the background is (c) to me. Nothing on ths site is free clipart.