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Rakishi Meadows

The first of the two mares you see is a white and black mare with a blue mane and tail. She bows her head politely to you, but says nothing. Instead, she fiddles with her pendant, head bowed.
Name: Selen'Ele'Jaidi
Translation: Moon And Mystery
Species: Rakish
Gender: Female
Parents: Unknown
Gifts: Mystery & Mist
Notes: Her amulet grants her immunity from fire-based spells and abilities.

The other mare grins brightly at you.
"Hello! Selen'Ele'Jaidi isn't one who likes to talk much. That's okay because I do all the talking for her. I am Kanta'Ket'Rola."
The flashy green mare puffs up her chest with pride.

Name: Kanta'Ket'Rola
Translation: Weaver In Green
Species: Rakish
Gender: Female
Parents: Unknown
Gifts: Earth & Life
Tribe: None

"Anyway, we're the last ones in this area so you might wanna move on."
She gringrins at you and waves a hoof.

The Star Fissure

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