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Rakishi Meadows

You are soon in view of another pair of rakishi, younger ones from what you can tell. The first is a black and white mare...with a hot pink mane. She seems to have a pair of headphones on. o.o You approach her and poke her shoulder since her eyes are currently closed and shes sort of dancing from side to side.
"Eh?" The mare says, rather loudly. You grimace a little.
The mare tosses her head slightly, the headphones slipping from her ears to down around her neck. "Whoa dude. You totally ruined the best part of the song." She snorts at you, prodding you with a hoof.

Name: Nayra'Piri
Translation: Neon Pink
Species: Rakish
Gender: Female
Parents: Unknown
Gifts: Dark & Dance

"Go bother her." The neon-maned mare shoves you towards a grey-toned female and ambles off, putting her headphones back on and screetching something that sounds...sort of like Linkin Park.
"You caught Nayra'Piri in the middle of her favorite song. You're lucky she was that nice to you." The mare says this with a smirk, flipping her mane a bit.

Name: Zalyni'E'Wari
Translation: Shades Of Gray
Species: Rakish
Gender: Female
Parents: Unknown
Gifts: Earth & Mist
Tribe: None

"I'm Zalyni'E'Wari...both Nayra and I came here at the same time. There are two others that came with us.
She flips a hoof in the direction of two more mares.

The Star Fissure

The Rakishi are (c) to DragonFlight and the background is (c) to me. Nothing on ths site is free clipart.