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Rakishi Meadows

Another pair of rakishi are next to the river that flows through the meadows, drinking in the chilly water.
One of them, a stallion, notices your approach.
"Greetings traveler. I am Danma'Verissu, Silent Observer in your tounge."

Name: Danma'Verissu
Translation: Silent Observer
Species: Rakish
Gender: Male
Parents: Selen'Kirakira x Ageku'Maral
Tribe: None

The mare at his side looks up at you and nickers softly.
"Greetings..." She says in a soft, lilting tone. She reminds you of a strange.
"I have a unicorn mutation...that explains my horn." She smiles at you. "Call me Kerriu'Renee, High Hopes in your language."

Name: Kerriu'Renee
Translation: High Hopes
Species: Rakish
Gender: Female
Parents: Unknown
Tribe: None

The pair are silent now for a few moments, then the stallion steps forward.
"I believe you should be moving on. There aren't anymore of us around here."
He points a hoof back to the path.

The Star Fissure

The Rakishi are (c) to DragonFlight and the background is (c) to me. Nothing on ths site is free clipart.