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Pah'llock Fields

The portal gently sets you down at the edge of a forest and disappears, leaving you to explore the area. The first place you look is across the field, expectingt to see the Pah'llocks out for a graze. Much to your disappointment, you see nothing. Slowly, your eyes drift from the clearing to the forest and you catch a glimpse of an equine with black and white coloration. The pah'llock stops, looking right at you from her current position.
Chiru'peti (Lace Woven), female, mated to Ten'chi
"!nisrop," the mare calls out. "You haven't happened to see a hyper stallion sprinting through here have you?"

You o.o and shake your head. The mare shrugs.
"Oh well...if you see him, tell him Chiru'peti was looking for him." The mare nods to you, then moves out of sight.

Several moments later, a stallion that looks much like Chiru bounces across the clearing, making quite a racket. He almost goes by without noticing you, but he suddenly skids to a stop and bounces in your direction. You O_O! and sort of tense, expecting the Pah'llock to run you over.
Tado'sinhae (Enigma's Thought), Stallion
" haven't happened to see Chiru coming through here have you?" the stallion questions, slightly out of breath. You nod and point in the direction the mare just went. The stallion eesh's and nods.
"Oh, okay. Thanks!" The stallion gallopes off into the forest, the sound of leaves and twigs snapping punctuating the silence that has fallen.

The Tir

The Pah'llock are (c) to Darkhorse and the background is (c) to me. Nothing on this site is free clipart.