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Cyen Meadows

This portal drops you in a very small meadowish area that is surrounded by rock. As you fall, you can catch glimpses of grey and black animals but until you pull yourself up from the spot where the portal has dropped you, you can't identify what they are.
The first two bounce over to you and sniff at your feet and legs. They both have fluffy tail and long ears but one bears a jewel on its forehead and is marked with bold stripes. The other is siamese in coloration with a silver collar.
Monotone, Male, cy124mSiam, Female, cy123f
You reach down and stroke the head of the siamese colored female which prompts the Cyen to do a sort of purring noise. The tigerish male hops around, then tackles another male Cyen that has appeared. The pouncing results in a rather comical mock-fight between the two males.
Blackie, male, cy114m
After the fight ends, the three cyen turn their attention on you. All at once, they charge you and knock you to the ground and lick and nibble on your fingers and face. You giggle and try to get the animals off you. They soon lose interest in you and bounce off to torture another hapless traveler. You stand up and brush yourself off, backing into a portal that has sneakily openned behind you.

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The Cyen are (c) to BrightPromise and the background is (c) to me. Nothing on this site is free clipart.